TruScribe + Squigl = A Perfect Pair

TruScribe, Squigl's creative services partner, offers hand-drawn whiteboard videos, custom infographics, and live graphic recording.

About TruScribe

TruScribe is a video production studio that has created over 3,000 hand-drawn whiteboard videos since 2011. Recently, TruScribe services expanded to include custom infographics and live (or online) graphic recording for their clients. Squigl software was created based on the successes of TruScribe's hand-drawn videos and we use many of the same principles in our software that have made TruScribe videos so effective and engaging.

Custom Squigl Glyph Creation Services

While the Squigl glyph library has tens of thousands of glyphs ready for you to use, we know that you may need specific glyphs for your organization. That is where TruScribe comes in. TruScribe artists can create custom glyphs for your organization for you to use in any of your Squigl videos. This option is available to our educational institution and enterprise-level customers.

Other TruScribe Services

Once you start using Squigl for your organization you will be looking for more ways to share creative content! TruScribe's hand-drawn whiteboard videos are industry-leaders and are the perfect evergreen content for your organization. And TruScribe's custom infographics allow you to share complex information and data in an engaging and memorable format. Finally, TruScribe's expert artists offer live (and online) graphic recording to bring interactive creative content to your next event. TruScribe services perfectly complement your Squigl videos.

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