How Entreprises use Squigl?

The Rook Learning case study

Corporate Learning

“The Rook learning team has chosen Squigl as an integral component in our learning design deliverables. Rook instructional designers integrate Squigl videos as part of eLearning lessons developed in rapid development tools like Storyline and Captivate as a way to simplify highly technical and scientific topics. Our team has also found that as our clients have responded to the idea of “learning bites” as we publish Squigl videos independently for efficient transfer of learning that can be shared within their internal shared media platforms.”

- Laura Sanchez, Sr. Learning Consultant

Executive Summary

65% of people are audiovisual learners1. Historically, learners have complained that the time spent on e-learning courses removed them from productivity. However, there has been a measurable increase in the completion of learning tracks since the integration of Squigl into the courses as learners are able to remain productive.

Success Metrics

1. Increased attention and retention of information.
2. Increased ability to stay productive while completing short relevant courses.
3. Decrease course creation time for learning designers and course developers from 80 hours to just 16 hours.


In our continued focus on learner engagement, Rook has incorporated Squigl as a regular component of the elearning courses we develop. The addition of these videos has offered learners something different from the "same old..." offered by our competitors. Our clients serve learners in corporate education, many of whom are not required to complete the courses provided to them. 


Sr. Instructional Designer, Laura Sanchez was impressed by Squigl’s easy to use UI and powerful PowerPoint presentation enhancement toolkit.

Transforming training material held in text and slide decks into engaging material at the point of work to offer learners timely relevant information through video as the need arose as Squigl significantly reduced video content development time.

With Squigl, Laura, was able to serve her learners with an innovative form of content created directly from valuable material that Rook’s clients had spent over $1 million dollars and hundreds of hours creating. Working with Squigl Laura was able to offer her learners “learning bites” with just in time information, as stand along courses (Squigl videos) as drip or micro-learning videos that traditionally would be weeks behind the initial need. This enabled the learners to improve performance and create process efficiencies as the critical information needed was now available in bite-sized snippets delivered and actioned upon with high velocity. As Laura and team saw a decrease in course creation time for their learning designers and course developers from 80 hours to just 16 hours.


Rook understands that 83% of human learning is visual 3 and that the learners of today expect video to be a part of the training and learning experience.

Learner feedback since our partnership with Squigl:

    • Increased ability to stay productive while completing short relevant courses.

Learning experts feedback:

    • Significantly decreased course development time.

What's Next

During the first phase of rolling out Squigl we were able to see a work force that was more satisfied with it’s learning opportunities without falling behind on other important work. Squigl will now be leveraged in many eLearning courses, offering critical content in an easy to consume and highly retained video.

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