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General Video Options

You have several options to get started with your Squigl video - let Squigl's AI do it for you or select a more customized version of your video. Either way, the results will be amazing!

Options to Get Started with your Squigl Video

Selecting the Right Type of Squigl Video

How to Save Your Video Draft

How to Modify Your Video Options

How to Add an mp4 File Within your Video

How to Finalize Your Video

Script How-To's

Your script is the foundation of your Squigl video. Squigl uses groundbreaking AI to pair keywords in your script with just the right glyphs or images.

How to Create Your Video Script

How to Edit Your Video Script

Audio How-To's

Adding audio - uploaded, pre-recorded, or using a machine voice, is key to creating your video. Watch the magic happen when your audio syncs with just the right glyphs!

How to Add Audio to your Video

How to Adjust Timing to Sync your Audio and Glyphs

Glyph How-To's

The truly unique part of your Squigl video is the choice of glyphs, or images that are played alongside the script for an effect that is engaging and memorable. Choose just the right glyph or even create your own with Squigl!

How to Replace a Glyph in your Video

How to Edit and Modify a Glyph

How to Select a New Keyword

How to Group Glyphs

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