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Squigl creates impactful content with the power of AI that streamlines learning and improves knowledge transfer and retention—to improve employee experience, employee productivity and reduce costs.

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Increase Employee Engagement And Learning Velocity

Businesses are undergoing a massive transformation which presents unparalleled opportunity in (1) digital transformation, (2) omni-channel, and (3) flex fulfillment, while team member roles are becoming progressively complex in a tight labor market with increasing waves.

Squigl creates AI powered videos from text and speech which streamline training and improve knowledge transfer and retention.

Increased Training Velocity & Engagement
Converted a 67-page document for a Fortune 500 Enterprise to an 8-minute whiteboard video with concise and engaging presentation of the process.


  • Watching video improved process adoption by nearly 30%!
  • Saw a reduction of internal training time averaging 90 minutes across 1000 team members, a productivity savings of nearly 62 days on a single training course. A Significant increase in productivity and employee morale.

Time Saved with Video

Use the calculator below to assess the time saved by employees to learn through video compared to traditional reading materials.

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