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To experience the best of Squigl, we encourage a guided trial period for you and your work group.

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FAQs about a Personalized Demo

Can I sign up for an individual trial account?

No. Squigl is an enterprise and educational content creation platform. The smallest workgroup we support is (3) users.

What if I need longer than 2 weeks?

A: In our experience, the Eureka! moment happens for most users within their first time making a video. If that takes you or your team longer than 2 weeks to make your first video, we will be flexible on a case by case basis.

What features are included in a trial account?

All of our enterprise features are included in the trial account. Click here for that list.

I love Squigl and my team is ready to buy! How do I purchase a license or convert my free trial to a paid account?

License keys, renewals, and user group authentications may be procured through several avenues including Microsoft Azure Marketplace, CDW, Mega Media Factory, Classera EDUMALL, and more. Contact for help.

Are Squigl Creative Services included in my trial account?

Only subscribers and paid accounts have access to our award winning Art Department for creating custom glyphs, post-production support, and beyond. All packages include at some level of creative services.