Enhance Microsoft platforms teachers already know with Squigl video.

Squigl integrates with Microsoft Education platforms your teachers already use and that your school has already invested in

Streamline lessons for teachers and learners

Save time and keep your lessons flowing by not having to switch between apps.

Create quick and memorable content for your lessons

Transform lessons into engaging video content in minutes for your Microsoft Teams
virtual classroom.

Analyze student retention and increase engagement

Use Squigl Interactive features to deploy quizzes, assessments and more via
Microsoft Teams.

Squigl works seamlessly with these Microsoft tools

Watch how you can transform Windows 10
into a storytelling platform

Squigl facilitates digital collaboration with Microsoft platforms

Access with ease

Utilize single sign-on and say goodbye to multiple passwords and accounts.
Save time by accessing everything in one place.

Make any lesson interactive

Upload any existing PowerPoint or Word lessons and transform them into an interactive Squigl video with quizzing and assessments! Leverage Immersive Reader to increase engagement and accessibility.

Centralize classroom management

Integrate your Squigl content with Microsoft Teams to organize classrooms and assignments, collaborate and share files, and access class materials in one central location. Teach in-person, hybrid, or in distance learning settings with ease.

Use Squigl with any device

Squigl works with any tablet or PC device. All you need is an internet connection and browser.

Ready to add Squigl to your Microsoft platforms?

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“Digital story telling is powerful approach to engage the students."