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Accommodate Students with Dyslexia in All Classroom Settings

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Dyslexic students can have a hard time processing written and oral language. According to The Society of Neuroscience, about 3.5 percent of American students—slightly more than 2 million children have dyslexia.

Using Squigl in the classroom can help support these challenges by creating animated videos using simple images that are easy to consume and retain and help pace out learning content into microlearning chunks. You can also upload any existing PowerPoint or Word lessons and transform them into an interactive Squigl video with quizzing and assessments! Leverage Immersive Reader to increase engagement and accessibility for students with reading difficulties.

Easily Create Interactive Content for English Language Learners

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An average of 9 percent of students in U.S. public schools are English Language Learners (ELLs), according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Most educators have no formal training on how to support English language learners, which adds to the challenge of creating support materials for them.

With Squigl, you can create compelling and interactive videos to help support English Language Learners. By tapping into the visual channels of the human memory, Squigl videos can increase knowledge retention exponentially and make English Language content easier to understand!

Creating more effective, engaging, and memorable interactive videos for English Language Learners is as easy as 1,2,3 with Squigl. This unique online video maker software helps you connect more powerfully with your audience. Unlike regular slides, Squigl lets you show the relationships between the pictures and the main ideas of your presentation, taking viewers on a compelling, informative journey they’re not only likely to enjoy more, but remember and act upon.

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Dyslexia Friendly Backgrounds You Can Use In Your Squigl Video Lessons

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