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Ken Burns Presentations that include visuals and audio are 6x more effective than spoken presentations and 2x more effective than visual presentations 6X

Slide Training Content
Needs to Stay Relevant
Corporate training content is costly to produce and needs to stay up to date. The time spent creating and maintaining training materials that are often ignored or forgotten by your employees is time wasted. But the content that needs to be shared is important.

Squigl allows you to create just-in-time content in minutes (not days!) and to edit the videos easily. Squigl is easy to use - it starts with text and uses A.I. to pair images to the keywords in your text - so your team can create and maintain training content. And, when information needs to be updated, Squigl videos can easily be edited and shared.
Your Workforce Has Diverse Learning Styles - Your Content Needs to Reflect That People learn best in different ways. From auditory learning to visual learning, the way you present content matters. You have important information to share - from compliance to new new products to hard and soft skills that will help your team succeed - and you need to know that the way you share information will stick.

Squigl uses dual-channel learning (both audio and visual) in amazing and unexpected ways. By pairing audio with simple images related to keywords in your script, Squigl videos meet the learning needs of nearly 95% of learners. Squigl videos are designed to be effective using scientific principles of attention and retention of information.
Squigl Interactive Makes Training Easy Gone are the days of showing your team lengthy training videos and hoping they will remember everything that was shared.

Your training team can easily create Squigl videos starting only with text - the important information they already have. A series of micro-videos can be created quickly, with minimal expertise from your team. And, when information needs to be updated, it is easy to edit and share Squigl videos.

Squigl Interactive ensures that the viewer understands the most important points of your training content. Add quizzing and interactive features right into your video to keep the viewer’s attention.
Using Squigl, you can pair micro-learning with interactive videos to create video content that resonates.

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