Organizations need a new way of transforming content into more effective learning innovation. Organizations own volumes of learning materials in the form of PowerPoints and texts.

When your brain is surprised, your brain gets curious. It wants more information, it wants to stick around longer. It turns into a learning brain. Each glyph that pops onto the screen is an opportunity to surprise your viewer, and keep their brain engaged in your message. The anticipation of glyphs keeps attention longer.



User speaks/types and selects a voiceover or uploads a soundtrack


Squigl identifies keywords and key-phrases in the narrative and associates each keyword to an image


Squigl groups the selected images, coloring the more impactful words differently, and creates a full presentation package

No Expertise Needed

Squigl associates keywords with glyphs without the need for editing knowledge or creative expertise!

Our People

Odeh Muhawesh
Executive Chair

Ahmad Roowala
Chief Executive Officer

Maysam Dabbagh
Chief Technology Officer

Dennis Bonilla
Director of the board

Jana Doty
Director of the board

Eric Oakland
Director of the board

Imagine a world where you can speak to anyone anywhere through a personalized, culturally aware video.

When an idea is presented both audibly and visually, it’s six times more likely to be remembered than audio alone, and two times more likely than images alone. But most video software are sparse in images. Squigl supports every sentence of your message with new imagery to keep information retention high.

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