The robust framework of brain science, wrapped in a simple intuitive design, with features anyone can use to make whiteboard animated videos.

Small Business Text to Whiteboard Video Maker

Our whiteboard animation software begins with words. You use words every day. Squigl scans your words, identifies keywords and pairs them with animated images we call Glyphs. Focus on your message instead of learning complex software.

approaching 1 million animated images and rising

Squigl is fueled by our TruGlyph technology, a growing database approaching 1 million animated images that pair with keywords in your script, animate automatically, and sync quickly to the audio. Our Glyphs support your story.

The Science is baked in

Your brain likes to consumes information in specific ways and very few video professionals or software designers take this into consideration. You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to create content that your audience, and their brains, will love.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Automated Keyword Analysis
  • TruGlyph Technology
  • Automated Glyph Pairing
  • Fast Keyword Search
  • In-Browser Glyph Drawing
  • Glyph Modification
  • Full Color Glyphs
  • Intuitive Glyph Timing
  • Easy Glyph Grouping
  • Hand Animation option
  • Advanced digital voice
  • Audio recording and upload
  • Secondary Music Track
  • Image Media Inserts
  • Background Image Insert
  • Image and Text Overlay
  • Scribology Compliant
  • Video link and embed codes
  • Video Download
  • Video copy & edit
  • SCORM Compliant Output
  • Much much more

What Makes Squigl Videos Effective?
Science + Art = Scribology

Scribology is our proven method of creating content for learning and marketing. We’re not scientists, but we know how to create content that your viewer’s brain is more likely to understand and remember. Squigl is built based on these principles. Did you know?

Syncing Voice & Glyphs

When an idea is presented both audibly and visually, it’s six times more likely to be remembered than audio alone, and two times more likely than images alone. But most video software are sparse in images. Squigl supports every sentence of your message with new imagery to keep information retention high.


Your lizard brains is super keyed into movement. In fact, your brain can force your head to see what the moving object is. Our animated glyphs provide the right amount of motion without feeling out of place or contrived. The movement of Glyphs is fantastic for grabbing viewers attention.


When your brain is surprised, your brain gets curious. It wants more information, it wants to stick around longer. It turns into a learning brain. Each glyph that pops onto the screen is an opportunity to surprise your viewer, and keep their brain engaged in your message. The anticipation of glyphs keeps attention longer.

Simple and Iconic Images

Glyphs are simple images that represent thoughts and ideas, easy for the brain to recognize, understand, store and move on to the next idea. This means your whiteboard animation video can display more imagery, supporting Motion and Voice & Visual Sync.

Put Scribology to Work for Your Message

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