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Increase the agility of your organization with quick to deploy, cost-effective training and learning videos.

Squigl’s unique AI-driven platform is equipped to help you deliver faster learning, better engage your employees, boost retention. Transform your traditional text-based training assets into engaging animated videos with ease. Start your free trial today!

Modernize employee training to increase completion rates and dramatically improve retention by 6x with an evidence-based, visual approach. Turn existing content into engaging whiteboard videos without the expense or hassle. Try it free today!

Training & Development

Create stand alone courses, drip, or micro-learning videos, delivering just-in-time content in days instead of weeks behind the initial need.


Keep your teams up-to-date, communicating the latest changes in vision and policies with clear and simple video content so they can see the road forward.


Create a consistent stream of content to feed the demands of a highly active funnel. Do more with fewer resources using Squigl.

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