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Benefits of Squigl Enterprise Video Maker Solutions

Maximize Audience Engagement

When it comes to learning, people remember 20% of what they read, 10% of what they hear, and 80% of what they see. Squigl takes all three learning methods and combines them to boost engagement and retention by up to 600%. Create engaging corporate videos for training and HR processes your audience won’t be able to ignore.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a master video editor to create professional-looking video presentations. With Squigl’s software for enterprise video, anyone can create an engaging whiteboard video with ease. In five simple steps, your HR team or sales staff can use explainer videos for corporate communications or dazzle customers with product information.

Global Access from the Cloud

Stop relying on flash drives and files. Have presentations ready with the push of a button with cloud-based video delivery solutions. Squigl’s enterprise video software works entirely in the cloud. When you need to present, simply log from any device or video player and press play.

Video Conferencing Integrations

Whether you’re in the same room or around the world, Squigl makes it easy to share high quality video presentations. Squigl software integrates seamlessly with popular video conferencing and live streaming platforms like Google and Microsoft Teams. Remote or in-office, keep your team connected and up-to-date with engaging video presentations.

AI-Powered Video Creation

Once you input your presentation text, Squigl’s editing tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze your script and suggest related animations. All you need to do is choose the animations you like best, synchronize the audio, and you’re ready to present.

Backed by a Team of Experts

Squigl’s enterprise video service is backed by a team of product and service experts ready to support you. Whether you need support for video production, training, software development, or enterprise deployment, the team is ready to assist you. We strive for predictable outcomes by being transparent and highly communicative with our clients.

Squigl’s enterprise video maker platforms allow even the least tech-savvy HR or sales rep to create engaging presentations for training and development, business communications, or marketing efforts. 

With AI-powered software, transform existing content into whiteboard videos that increase engagement by up to 600%.

Enterprise Video Maker Benefits

Educate Your Patients

Medical providers need to relay complicated information to their patients. Sometimes, the amount of information can become overwhelming, causing them to lose focus.

You can avoid this by ensuring your messaging and training materials reflect the latest changes to HR, internal communications, and learning and development processes.

Captivate your workforce and make learning easy with Squigl’s  engaging whiteboard videos:

  • Create presentations quickly with AI-powered software.
  • Synchronize audio, video, and text to suit any learning style.
  • Simplify technical knowledge into an easy-to-digest format.
  • Present videos from anywhere with any device using cloud capabilities.


Keep Up with Industry Changes

Regulations in the financial sector change rapidly, especially regarding learning and development, internal communications, and HR practices.

If your entire team isn’t on board with these updates, your firm could be liable for fines, or worse. Educate your workforce to ensure compliance with engaging enterprise videos:

  • Keep your audience and workforce engaged with attention-grabbing animations.
  • Reduce risk with a 600% increase in retention to ensure team members understand policy changes.
  • Simple video creation means you can keep up with industry changes no matter how quickly they arise.


Learning and Sales Solutions

Retailers are constantly looking for better ways to educate employees and attract customers. This is especially important for HR, internal communications, and learning and development.

Squigl helps you create effective training and marketing materials guaranteed to engage:

  • Hold employee attention by combining audio, visual, and text to suit any learning style.
  • Quickly create personalized videos to suit specific sales demographics.
  • Transform old text-based PowerPoint and Keynote materials into engaging whiteboard video assets with ease.

Integrate with enterprise video content management systems to work with existing marketing strategies.


Keep Your Workforce Updated

Between technology innovations and skill gaps, the manufacturing industry is always changing. This is especially evident in terms of advancements in learning and development, internal communications, and HR

Keep your workforce up-to-date with our enterprise video software designed to increase retention:

  • Empower your workforce with the necessary skills to prepare for the future.
  • Educate employees on new technologies to foster manufacturing efficiency.
  • Onboard new workers faster with whiteboard videos designed to foster learning and understanding.
  • Reduce downtime with faster learning and higher retention rates.


Nothing moves faster than the speed of technology. Keep your workforce up to speed on the latest advancements in HR, learning and development and internal communications.

Use Squigl to train your new hires to maintain a competitive edge:

  • Create engaging training videos as quickly as the industry changes to utilize the latest technology.
  • Boost the efficiency of your onboarding and training programs to ensure you always have the top talent.
  • Get your team on the same page with clear and straightforward messaging they’ll remember.


Utilize the Latest Trends

To stay relevant in a growing industry, hospitality brands need to keep up with the latest trends for customer service, HR, learning and development, internal communications, and management.

Train your employees to set your business apart from the competition:

  • Teach employees proper customer service strategies with effective training presentations.
  • Create new videos quickly to disperse policy updates to all employees quickly.
  • Streamline new hire onboarding with educational videos tailored to their learning habits.

Squigl’s powerful educational video maker software allows teachers to create engaging videos to increase retention and learning in both live and virtual classrooms. In three easy steps, anyone can create professional presentations without interfering with their busy schedule.


You don’t have time to spend learning to edit and create presentations. Squigl was designed to fit your busy schedule. With a simple three-step method and AI-assisted software, even the least tech-savvy person can create fun, engaging videos in no time.

Simple for Students

Teachers aren’t the only ones who need to make presentations. Students learn best from hands-on projects. Let your students create their own presentations with Squigl to demonstrate their understanding of a subject in a fun, new way.

What our clients say?

The Squigl Method

Teachers don’t have time to learn complicated editing software. That’s why Squigl made it simple to create engaging videos in three easy steps:

  1. Create and upload your script
  2. Add audio
  3. Choose animated glyphs

You can create engaging videos to boost student retention in just a few minutes.

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