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Deliver engaging and enjoyable digital learning no matter where your employees are working from, using our easy-to-use video authoring tool. Create professional-quality videos within minutes.

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Squigl Helps Learning Professionals Efficiently Produce Intelligent Content To Create Change

Our end users create more content, faster, with higher engagement and substantially lower costs compared to industry standards.


Convey your internal company brand by telling your company story, culture and values, and newest organizational changes.

Sales Enablement

Guide your client-facing teams to success by sharing strategies, latest product innovations, and methods to sharpen their pitch.

Soft Skills

Develop leadership skills with coaching videos to practice interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and empathy.


Focus on specific objectives for quick, chunked content with videos that engage and retain knowledge.

Remote Learning

Enable consumption for any location, any time, any platform for your team. Videos learning that’s convenient for the modernday workforce. 

Converting Old Presentations

Breathe life into your static training manuals and old PowerPoint slide decks. Convert them with a click-of-a-button.

In today’s remote work environments, it is more important than ever to meet employees’ varied learning and communications needs, wherever they are. Squigl, a highly innovative content creation solution available in Azure marketplace, enables business professionals to meet those needs quickly and with demonstrable ROI. Sharing relevant, engaging, just-in-time Squigl videos will enable the remote workforce to achieve their objectives and create market value.

Jake Zborowski, Microsoft GM BO&PM Management

Effortlessly Create Engaging, Intelligent Content

Interactive Features for Your Learning Solutions

Automate, Engage, and Scale

Small Business Plan

Small Business Plan features include:
10GB Storage
Unlimited Exports (MP4)
Custom Branding
Custom Glyphs Library
Onboarding Specialist

Enterprise Plan

Everything that the Small Business Plan includes PLUS:
Unlimited storage
Interactive video
External videos
Video analytics
Commercial usage rights (reseller)
Personalized training
LMS & HR Integrations

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