Bring Easy-to-create Videos into Your Classroom, However You are Teaching This Year

Squigl’s Educational Video Maker is Engaging and Memorable, and Based in Science!

NEW for the 2020-21 School Year - Squigl wants to partner with your school!

If your school is new to Squigl and wants to try it out, we are making it easy! You can pilot Squigl for FREE for your entire school for 90 days. We want to learn how Squigl works best in your school and can’t wait to partner with you during this most unusual year. Sign up by December 31st, 2020.

Why Squigl Works

Squigl’s educational video maker is quick and easy to create., turning text into videos that boost student engagement and information retention. Squigl creates video content. that combines audio with simple images. This suits the largest variety of learning modes. And Squigl is so quick and easy, that you can create videos on-demand.


Squigl was designed for anyone to quickly and easily create videos. Educators can choose to let Squigl pair keywords from their text with images for a completed video in minutes, leaving more time for student engagement. interactive, hands-on learning!

Squigl videos pair audio with related glyphs, or images that relate to the keywords from the text. This reinforces information and engages multiple learning styles, leading to highly engaged learners.

Share Squigl videos through Microsoft Teams and Google for an easy integration into the tools you are already using for remote or online learning.


Coming soon! Interactive Squigl videos allow you to add quizzes or polls directly into your Squigl video, or any Mp4 that you upload!

Easy to use

Squigl videos can be created in three easy steps: create & upload your script, add your audio, choose your glyphs!

Based in Science

Squigl videos are so powerful because they are backed by science - simple images that are synchronized with the audio and surprising movement to keep the brain engaged.

Easily create your own video content to increase retention and student engagement in your live or virtual classroom.


Squigl was created to make it easy for teachers to make video content for their classroom. We know how busy you are and how many other platforms you are using to teach in this time. Squigl is easy to learn and lets you create quick and fun video content for your classroom.


We understand that students learn best when they can be hands-on. That’s why Squigl is so easy to use - students can create their own videos, demonstrating their understanding of a lesson in a new way, through the keywords and images they choose to use in their videos!

Dr. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell

Associate Dean, University of St. Thomas

“The student, rather than being a writer or presenter with paper….essentially becomes a director, They focus more on the information they’re conveying”

Success Stories

Educational institutions, from K-12 through higher ed, are using Squigl in innovative ways every day. Squigl works for students and educators alike! Read about how Squigl videos turned written case studies into engaging video content and helped an educator assess student understanding in a new way.

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