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Improving Learning

Educators and Students are using our text-to-video software to boost engagement and information retention. Turn your lessons, homework, summaries and responses into video that is effective at transferring knowledge.

Squigl at-a-glance

Increased class time for interactive, hands on learning

Highly engaged learners, increased homework completion rate

Improved classroom performance and understanding, measurable GPA increase by offering content through a variety of mediums


• Let learners know about the latest Squigl lesson by sharing the videos with our Microsoft Teams integration

• Educators can deliver learning content and assessments powered by Microsoft Forms right from within Squigl

Easy to use

• Learners are able to leverage the power of Squigl in a few clicks

• Educators can transform their learning content in less than 10 minutes to an effective and engaging video


• Educators know exactly what learners need by viewing their comments before stepping into the classroom

• Educators can see higher levels of comprehension by using a Squigl video as part of the learning materials

Increase retention and student engagement in your classroom


Educators are using Squigl to boost engagement and information retention. Teachers turn lessons, homework, summaries and responses into video that is effective at transferring knowledge.


Squigl encourages students to think beyond text. It requires the creator to not only think of words to express their ideas but to choose their words in association with images and voice to tell stories.

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Dr. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell

Associate Dean, University of St. Thomas

“The student, rather than being a writer or presenter with paper….essentially becomes a director, They focus more on the information they’re conveying”

Educational institutions use cases

So far, Squigl has proven to be an effective solution for progressing the leading edge of technology integration into the learning experience. University of St Thomas understands that 83% of human learning is visual and that the students of today expect Video to be a part of the educational experience.

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