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Squigl videos are at the forefront of education and learning. Equipped with unique strategies to engage your students and boost retention, delivered faster through Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and beyond.

Quick Quizzes

Keep track of student proficiency and check for understanding through interactive quizzes.


Let your students collaborate and explore their creativity by using our platform to develop class projects.

Enhancing Virtual Lessons

Supplement your lesson plans with video to help reinforce your curriculum.

Video assignments

Keep your workforce agile with videos on the latest strategic direction, implementation of new systems, and new policies.

Lesson Summaries

Reach fresh talent and passive candidates through the power of video.

Term Syllabus

Breathe life into your static training manuals and old PowerPoint slide decks. Convert them with a click-of-a-button.

Squigl is a highly innovative solution and perfect for us here in the Gulf Coast because so many of our students are predominantly audio-visual learners. And we love the Arabic version! Teachers have reported better learning outcomes than ever before and they actually have fun creating their coursework!

Nabil al-Raisi, Head of School MySchool Oman, Sultanate of Oman

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