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Squigl videos are at the forefront of education and learning. Equipped with unique strategies to engage your learners and boost retention, delivered faster through Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and beyond.

Student Orientation

Transitioning from high school can be overwhelming for new students. Use our tool to help introduce the right attitudes, knowledge, and opportunities at your campus.

How to’s

Provide step-by-step tutorials on complex processes or break down difficult-to-understand subject matter with bite-sized videos.

Group assignments

Assign video projects to let your students demonstrate their mastery of a subject, while allowing them to explore unique ways of presenting the material.

Enhancing Virtual Lectures

Assign videos to watch prior to live class time with your own voiceover to prepare students for deeper discussion.

Campus Announcements

Create just-in-time campus announcements that are easy to understand and make a mark.

Quick Quizzes

Add quizzing to your videos to assess student retention and the effectiveness of your lessons

The student, rather than being a writer or presenter with paper…essentially becomes a director. They focus more on the information they are conveying!

Dr. Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul MN

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