Last spring, I had the privilege of teaching two courses. One, I co-taught with a colleague, and the other, I led independently. Compare to my colleagues in our department; I have the least teaching experience. Sure, I have taught some courses during my graduate school days, but that experience was a pale comparison to their
At this point in 2021, it seems considerably easier to name positions that haven’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than to name those that have. It’s been a major shift for almost every organization, from public to private, but one that we’ll focus on today deserves special attention: educators. Faced with the daunting task
  What exactly is meant by the term “work-life skills,” and how important are they to your organization? Forbes writer Liz Guthridgeprovides a great starting place for understanding the term and its value by first addressing the idea of “soft skills,” which are now considered “more important than technical skills” by many CEOS, even as
It’s no revelation or surprise that remote work is now more common and needed than ever before. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to render in-office work difficult (if not impossible) for many, remote work will likely remain the predominant mode of work for millions for some time. Numerous challenges come from this shift, so let’s
What, exactly, is microlearning? Jack Makhlouf defines it as “a teaching style that involves short bursts of highly engaging and interactive information,” and relates it to the type of information you receive from blurbs and short posts on social media. While his argument that “the information you read on Twitter can be considered learning” might
Teaching scares me. I am conscious of the peculiarity of this admission. It is indeed unusual for a teacher to admit that he is afraid of teaching. Uncommon as it may be, I am not embarrassed by this confession. For as long as I can remember, I have always experienced some level of fear when
Minutes before class about to start, I heard some commotion coming from one side of the classroom. I went to investigate and learned that there was a disagreement between two students, and it got to a point where it was no longer a private matter. I had to step in and intervened to keep it
Video Animation Tips Important Elements of a Presentation
Regardless if you are teaching an online class or in a classroom setting, you cannot deny that visual learning materials help students understand the lessons better while reducing your pressure to explain as the educator. Video animation and presentations have been around for quite a while and using it in class is not a new
The Next Generation of Content Creation is Here! Our focus at Squigl is to amplify messages and stories.  People want to be heard, they need to be heard.  Squigl solves many of the problems of effective communication; attention spans, information retention, and the speed of response. It democratizes communication through easy video creation. It empowers subject matter experts by elevating their text and speech into video with just a few clicks.
Business communications and content requires adaptive, flexible technology to meet the learning needs of your team. Squigl whiteboard video content is so versatile that you can use it in any area of your business to share just-in-time content with your team.   Internal Communications  1. New Initiative – Keep your team and organization moving forward
Squigl makes it easy to create educational content from any source. Copy and paste from your lesson plan. Grab text from a slide you use. One glossary word at a time. Anything you currently deliver as text can become a more engaging Squigl video.   On occasions where you want to start with Squigl, you’ll need
Administrators, educators, and students use Squigl whiteboard video content in the classroom and beyond to communicate ideas, connect, and learn from each other. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use Squigl for education. Educators  Coursework – Squigl videos are perfect for turning text content into more engaging and memorable video content for