Squigl makes it easy to create educational content from any source. Copy and paste from your lesson plan. Grab text from a slide you use. One glossary word at a time. Anything you currently deliver as text can become a more engaging Squigl video.   On occasions where you want to start with Squigl, you’ll need
Administrators, educators, and students use Squigl whiteboard video content in the classroom and beyond to communicate ideas, connect, and learn from each other. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use Squigl for education. Educators  Coursework – Squigl videos are perfect for turning text content into more engaging and memorable video content for
Because Squigl turns any text into video content, you can create a business video from any source. Copy and paste from a page on your company website. Grab an email you just wrote. One entry at a time from your company wiki. Anything you wish to communicate through text can become more engaging as a
Successful Remote Working Across an Organization Requires More than Video Calls  It takes more than video calls to make remote working work. Stay connected, engaged, and motivated with Squigl’s powerful online collaboration capabilities.  You can’t have all-hands meetings every day. But you can engage employees and colleagues with short, memorable videos and animated messages. For instance,
Free for education dealing with Covid
Squigl offers free access to all features to support distance learning in schools All educational institutions are eligible for free access to Squigl through August 31st, 2020. Empowering Virtual Learning COVID-19 has caused many educational institutions to close for the time being. They are relying on or researching new distance learning capabilities. Squigl is working
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Aug 12, 2019 — Squigl, LLC, developer of artificial intelligence (AI) – video animation software that easily transforms text into animated presentations, announced today that it joined the Google for Education Build Partner Program. Squigl has built strong integrations with Google for Education’s products, such as Google Classroom, Youtube and Drive helping to streamline