Reasons Why Animated videos are Effective for Education
Change is all around us and all we can do is to make the best out of it. Fortunately, some changes are for the better. For instance, using videos for education is not a new concept, but it is gaining more popularity nowadays. Especially in the generation where online classes are now possible. Technology made
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There’s a human tendency to hold on to “truths” for dear life, regardless of events that bring their veracity into question.  In fact, we tend to go even further—see belief perseverance, or the strange phenomenon of the mind holding on more tightly to a belief when faced with evidence that contradicts it. It takes conscious
Types of Video to Create with a Video Animation App
Video content offers a fresh and interesting way to present concepts, products, and services into the world. It serves as a handy tool when you want to attract attention and engagement from your audience. Posting a fun video is a great way to start building your brand’s online presence. Now, you may have a misconception
Video Maker App Tips Creating Video Content for Microlearning
Regardless if you are reading a block of text from a friend or a fiction book, it may take you a couple of reads before you fully process what is going on. Imagine trying to digest a whole lot of information from a class, a seminar, or a training session. You can help your audience
Ways Video Maker Apps Can Help With Visual Communication (2)
Words can only do so much when trying to get certain messages across. Even professional writers and public speakers have moments when they cannot express what they want to say in words. Now, how can you make sure that you are getting your point across in your company?   A visual aid can help you
Video Maker Apps for Visual Storytelling in the Classroom
Storytelling has been around for 30,000 years, proven by cave drawings in Lascaux and Chavaux, France. It has been a form of entertainment and education for centuries. Everybody loves a good story. You, yourself, have probably picked up a good book or heard a very interesting anecdote from a close friend. The thing that makes
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Mixing humor and entertainment has proven to be a successful strategy in many arenas.  We need look no further than the lasting success of The Daily Show to see its viability; in fact, The Daily Show was just the first breakthrough of ‘infotainment’, leading to highly successful spinoffs (The Colbert Report) and others that were
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The idea of continuous learning is one that, paradoxically, seems to make perfect sense and still merits examination.  It seems that many businesses still seem to appreciate the concept, but not the practice.  Let’s look at the real value of continuous learning and see how it can benefit organizations—not in the abstract, but in the
creating multilingual content
Localization, or the process of modulating content for a new audience that may have linguistic, cultural, or other factors that differentiate them from your ‘home’ audience, has never been a one-to-one process.  Even with the numerous translation services available online and elsewhere, the practice has never been as simple as “original content in, localized content
How to Make Your Life Easier with a Video Maker App
Videos have been around for a long time, but this form of media started gaining popularity online in recent years. Online videos have become an indispensable visual content medium for a vast choice of purposes. Many businesses and brands across every industry use videos to attract attention and convert their audience into clients. However, videos
student connections remote learning
Distance learning went from a possibility to a likelihood to a necessity faster than most of us could imagine.  With the pandemic unconcerned about our timelines or habits, few parents, educators, or students were ready for the transition, and many questions remain.  Perhaps the most salient one relates to classroom connections: how can educators form
Some of my students have no access to a computer or broadband internet at home, making it difficult for them to attend the zoom meetings or even access the course’s page. Before covid-19, those who did not have a computer or internet at home could utilize the computer lab on campus or go to the