Okay, you’re ready to get into content marketing.  You’ve got a plan.  You’re going to make a video that’s interesting and provides something useful to the customer, and you’re going to make sure that your product and brand are present—but not overpowering.  You’re absolutely on the right track. Now, it’s time for the jump-off.  The
Cultures of continuous learning are 46% more likely to be first to market, experience 37% higher productivity, and are 92% more likely to innovate. Build this culture in your organization and enjoy these remarkable benefits! Check out the infographic below to learn more!
Video Maker Tips for Turning Blogs into Video Presentations
Video presentations  gained popularity in the marketing industry due to the attention they are getting from users all over the internet. Until now, you can see a surge in the use of videos as marketing materials across all industries. Many people think that it takes a lot of time and so much money to create
The values of ongoing, organization-wide learning are well-documented and numerous, but that doesn’t mean that implementing this kind of learning is always easy or straightforward.  In fact, it’s difficult enough that thought leaders across the business landscape are identifying common problems and stumbling blocks to the successful implementation and execution of organizational learning initiatives. Here
Video Animation Tips How to Create a Storyboard
Thanks to technology, just about anyone with a computer and some access to the internet can create and edit videos. There are all sorts of web applications and online services that enable you to be a video editor without needing to invest in expensive tools and pieces of equipment. For instance, online web applications like
How to Easily Convert a Presentation to a Video Presentation
Most people are visually oriented– you probably are too. If you want to spread your ideas, bring awareness to a topic, or simply share educational information, a video presentation is a great way to go. Video presentations can help you create an emotional connection with your target audience regardless if it is for business, for
Creative Ways to Amplify Your Brand Using A Video Creation App
Brand awareness plays a significant role in a company’s success in the market. You want people to recognize your business as a brand that they can trust. One of the best ways to present your company is through a video advertisement. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much more a video
Reasons Why Animated videos are Effective for Education
Change is all around us and all we can do is to make the best out of it. Fortunately, some changes are for the better. For instance, using videos for education is not a new concept, but it is gaining more popularity nowadays. Especially in the generation where online classes are now possible. Technology made
unlearning to move forward banner
There’s a human tendency to hold on to “truths” for dear life, regardless of events that bring their veracity into question.  In fact, we tend to go even further—see belief perseverance, or the strange phenomenon of the mind holding on more tightly to a belief when faced with evidence that contradicts it. It takes conscious
Types of Video to Create with a Video Animation App
Video content offers a fresh and interesting way to present concepts, products, and services into the world. It serves as a handy tool when you want to attract attention and engagement from your audience. Posting a fun video is a great way to start building your brand’s online presence. Now, you may have a misconception
Video Maker App Tips Creating Video Content for Microlearning
Regardless if you are reading a block of text from a friend or a fiction book, it may take you a couple of reads before you fully process what is going on. Imagine trying to digest a whole lot of information from a class, a seminar, or a training session. You can help your audience
Ways Video Maker Apps Can Help With Visual Communication (2)
Words can only do so much when trying to get certain messages across. Even professional writers and public speakers have moments when they cannot express what they want to say in words. Now, how can you make sure that you are getting your point across in your company?   A visual aid can help you