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Please join us in welcoming our newest member, Dr. Dung Mao. As a Ph.D. and classroom educator himself, Dr. Mao is well versed in the challenges of combining Education and Technology to craft the perfect pedagogical solution. Dr. Mao joins Squigl as VP of Customer Success.   You may recognize Dr. Mao from a series of guest blog
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FETC Booth Team

Meet Our CEO

Select a time to meet our new CEO, Mr. Jeff Upin! L to R: Jim Herkert, COO, Andrew Herkert, VP GTM, Jeff Upin, CEO As we welcome Mr. Jeff Upin to our ranks, we are also expanding our user-group and community building with L&D  industry leaders like you!  Please use the calendar below to pick

FETC 2022 Recap

Previous Next Orlando, FL – Who doesn’t love sunny Orlando? We sure do! This is not our first rodeo in the EdTech conference circuit, however there were a few remarkable differences between this trade show and others in years past. FETC did not disapoint. For starters, the Squigl team has been involved in Chief Learning
FLIP and Squigl announce Strategic Partnership and exhibition plans for FUTURE OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Conference in Orlando, Florida   Minneapolis, MN – Today Squigl and FLIP announced a new strategic partnership. The two companies are emergent leaders in the next generation of Educational Technology (“EdTech”) subcategory of Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”). FLIP is a digital content library
Okay, you’re ready to get into content marketing.  You’ve got a plan.  You’re going to make a video that’s interesting and provides something useful to the customer, and you’re going to make sure that your product and brand are present—but not overpowering.  You’re absolutely on the right track. Now, it’s time for the jump-off.  The
Cultures of continuous learning are 46% more likely to be first to market, experience 37% higher productivity, and are 92% more likely to innovate. Build this culture in your organization and enjoy these remarkable benefits! Check out the infographic below to learn more!
Video Maker Tips for Turning Blogs into Video Presentations
Video presentations  gained popularity in the marketing industry due to the attention they are getting from users all over the internet. Until now, you can see a surge in the use of videos as marketing materials across all industries. Many people think that it takes a lot of time and so much money to create
The values of ongoing, organization-wide learning are well-documented and numerous, but that doesn’t mean that implementing this kind of learning is always easy or straightforward.  In fact, it’s difficult enough that thought leaders across the business landscape are identifying common problems and stumbling blocks to the successful implementation and execution of organizational learning initiatives. Here
Video Animation Tips How to Create a Storyboard
Thanks to technology, just about anyone with a computer and some access to the internet can create and edit videos. There are all sorts of web applications and online services that enable you to be a video editor without needing to invest in expensive tools and pieces of equipment. For instance, online web applications like
How to Easily Convert a Presentation to a Video Presentation
Most people are visually oriented– you probably are too. If you want to spread your ideas, bring awareness to a topic, or simply share educational information, a video presentation is a great way to go. Video presentations can help you create an emotional connection with your target audience regardless if it is for business, for
Creative Ways to Amplify Your Brand Using A Video Creation App
Brand awareness plays a significant role in a company’s success in the market. You want people to recognize your business as a brand that they can trust. One of the best ways to present your company is through a video advertisement. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much more a video