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How Educational Institutions use Squigl?

What Makes Squigl Videos Effective?
Science + Art = Scribology


Scribology is our proven method of creating content for learning and marketing. We’re not scientists, but we know how to create content that your viewer’s brain is more likely to understand and remember. Squigl is built based on these principles. Did you know?


Supporting your Institution

Simple to Use

From students to educators and administrators, there is a range of technical experience on your campus. Squigl is the easiest browser-based video creation platform available and is easy even for the most technology resistant user to use to great effect. They will also be supported with tutorials and free webinars.

Site License Pricing

Differentiate your institute by providing campus-wide access. The more students and faculty register for our text-to-video service, the more cost-efficient it can be. Compared to books and supplies, this could be the single most useful tool you could offer.

Easy Rollout

Making new tools accessible to your faculty and students can be quick and painless. Educators can be using video in their courses the same day they are registered. Students can be incorporating video in their next class assignment.

Personalized Support

Supporting users on your campus will be very personal. Custom registration pages will help users know the value you bring them and make it easy to sign up. Our customer success team will ensure your institution will have all they help they need when technical issues arise.