Increase the Speed of Training and Communication

Deliver engaging, just-in-time video content to your workforce with Squigl so your organization can adapt more quickly to the market.

Step-up Engagement

Employees are looking for relevant content, when and where they need it, in an engaging and memorable format. Squigl content is built on the science of engagement and is delivered Just-in-time information no matter where they're working.

Serving Diverse Employee Needs

Training and communicating with a diverse workforce requires content that meets learners where they are in their preferred learning styles. Squigl content serves the 65% of employees who are visual learners and the 30% that are auditory learners. Information delivered in both audio and visual are 6x more likely to be remembered than text alone.

Save Time & Budget

Creating content is one of the most time consuming and costly aspect of training, communications, and marketing. Squigl transforms existing text content into effective video content unbelievably fast with A.I. assistance and automation.

Squigl’s unique AI-driven platform is equipped to help you deliver faster learning, better engage your employees, boost retention. Transform your traditional text-based training assets into engaging animated videos with ease.

Modernize employee training to increase completion rates and dramatically improve retention by 6x with an evidence-based, visual approach. Turn existing content into engaging whiteboard videos without the expense or hassle. Try it free today!

Training & Development

Create stand alone courses, drip, or micro-learning videos, delivering just-in-time content in days instead of weeks behind the initial need.


Keep your teams up-to-date, communicating the latest changes in vision and policies with clear and simple video content so they can see the road forward.


Create a consistent stream of content to feed the demands of a highly active funnel. Do more with fewer resources using Squigl.

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