Squigl has Partnered with Microsoft to offer Free Access to Squigl for qualified educators through June of 2021!

Squigl is a content creation platform that uses text-to-video software to increase student engagement and information retention.

To Qualify for this Offer, you must be part of one of the following communities:

MIE* Experts

Showcase School Leaders*

Global Training Partners**

*Only available for each MIEE's associated school

**Only available for teacher training purposes. Not for resale.


Current paying customers of ISV solution. Customers in pre-existing sales pipeline as of 7/14/20 are excluded. Sister schools of the MIEE schools under the same school district are not qualified.

Sign-up Deadline:

September 30, 2020

Squigl Course

What Educators Say about Squigl


Teacher - PA, USA

I was very impressed with Squigl! This helped to provide me with an excellent overview of how instruction can be  augmented through technology to meet the needs of students.

Educator - USA

Digital story telling is powerful approach to engage the students.

Associate Dean - MN, USA

Squigl is the perfect addition to a teacher’s remote or in-classroom technology because teachers can create custom, personalized videos, including: 

  • Updates & Announcements
  • New Concept Introduction
  • Assignment Overview
  • Storytelling
  • and more...

Educator's Series - Your First Project

Students have fun with Squigl and learn in new and engaging ways. They can create:

  • Assignment Responses
  • Reading Summaries
  • Reflective Journaling
  • Student Collaboration
  • and more...

A New Type of Video for the Classroom

Many schools remain closed. Effective remote learning tools are a must. Students and parents rely on schools to bring the classroom to them. Squigl is a simple video creation tool that allows educators and students to create amazing videos that pair simple images with audio!

A Unique Approach to Content Creation

Whiteboard-style videos are an innovative learning medium. Squigl doesn't start with video, it starts with the ideas and stories you want to tell as text. Squigl transforms that text into images that animate as if drawn. There are tens of thousands of drawn images available in our library. Or you draw and add your own right in the app!

Boost Student Attention and Retention

Squigl was built to grab and keep students' attention. The animation of the drawings appeals to our lizard brain. The surprise of what is drawn turns their brains into curious learning brains. Perfect for receiving new information. Not only that, Squigl syncs images and words, for dual-sensory learning. This maximizes how much they will retain. Attention keeps them watching. Retention keeps them learning.

What Educators Say:

  • “The student, rather than being a writer or presenter with paper….essentially becomes a director, They focus more on the information they’re conveying”
    Dr. Mark Stansbury-O'Donnell
  • “I was very impressed with Squigl! This helped to provide me with an excellent overview of how instruction can be augmented through technology to meet the needs of students.”
    Teacher, Pennsylvania, USA

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