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Squigl User Growth

squigl user growth

A Note from Our CEO

Your Stories. Our Pictures.

Our tagline is more than just a catchy phrase. It embodies our own story and that of our global community of educators and professionals.

Our Inspiration

I often think about Jerome. Jerome loved to teach his students. He’d go to school each day full of enthusiasm and excitement. But over time, he found only a handful of students were engaging with the material. Not even half of his class were getting the information they needed. He didn’t know what to do.

Likewise, I think about Maria. Maria is a Learning Manager. She invests her everything into her team. She comes in early to build process material. She stays late to coach team members who need that extra support. She works 1 on 1 with every new hire. Everything she does has a singular focus: to ensure her team is engaged, empowered to deliver a fantastic customer experience. But not all of her team members are learning. Onboarding and training overwhelm them with too much information. Too much is quickly forgotten once they hit the floor.

The problem that Jerome and Maria both face? Nearly 2/3 of all learners are audio-visual. But nearly 90% of content is delivered through text. Imagine the wasted potential. We can do better.

Why Us?

Our story starts with pictures. Actually, drawing.

Our team of artists, business professionals, and academics came together around the idea that people learn best with creative, visual content. We set out to build video creation software that would pair simple, drawn images with audio. We knew that we wanted it to be simple enough for anyone to create because we knew that we wanted Squigl to transcend the barriers of communication.

What Makes Squigl Different?

To develop a tool that would truly meet our vision of engaging, retainable video content, we worked with leading neuroscientists to understand what helps people learn. We learned that presentations that include visuals and audio are 6x more effective than spoken presentations (the irony of which is not lost on me as I write this) and 2x more effective than visual presentations!).

So we started somewhere new for video. With text that you already have. With Squigl you can take a single input – your speech or text – and transform it into a video that pairs simple graphics with audio.

With that single input, anyone can easily create compelling video content for Fatema in Swahili, Lee in Mandarin and Joey in NY (yes, I grew up watching Friends).

Today, our patented Squigl technology is accessible by nearly 2 million learners around the world to solve communications challenges with compelling video content.

Organizations of all sizes use Squigl to improve the employee onboarding experience. With engaging videos, onboarding can focus on the key things team members need to know to hit the ground running. And impactful micro-learning training through simple video content reinforces the information team members need to remember right in the flow of work. Pretty amazing.

And with Squigl, students are engaged by becoming the director of the information they are sharing. Educators around the world transform their written content into video with just a few clicks. They can reach 95% of learning styles in their classroom – in person or virtually. It is a game-changer.

Let’s Squiglit

Today, we envision a world where everybody can be a content creator, and where people use content that allows for effective communication and levels the playing field for learning.

My team and I passionately work every day to help Jerome and his students, Maria and her team, and the millions of learners around the globe to transform the way we learn – from school to the workplace and beyond.

We can’t wait to bring our pictures to your stories.

—Ahmad Roowla, CEO, Squigl

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