Squigl Joins the Google for Education Build Partner Program

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Aug 12, 2019 -- Squigl, LLC, developer of artificial intelligence (AI) - video animation software that easily transforms text into animated presentations, announced today that it joined the Google for Education Build Partner Program. Squigl has built strong integrations with Google for Education’s products, such as Google Classroom, Youtube and Drive helping to streamline the classroom experience for students with different learning profiles.

Squigl’s software utilizes AI technology to transform text-based messages into highly effective animated content. Until now, some of these advanced platforms were too costly and complicated for most educators to adopt. Squigl harnesses AI to focus educational content to increase class time for interactive, hands-on learning; supporting an environment of highly engaged learners with improved classroom performance and understanding with measurable GPA increase by offering content through a variety of mediums that work with Chromebook.

When logging into Squigl with our Google Single Sign-On integration, Google Classroom users will have the option to import Squigl videos directly into Google Classroom from Squigl.

When an educator posts a Squigl video to their Google Classroom, students will be able to view the video as part of the assignment. Squigl fits directly into the flow of work. After watching a Squigl video, students can proceed to take a quiz to gauge understanding through Google Forms or submit a review through Google Documents.

“Using a simple, intuitive interface, educators and students are using our text-to-video software to boost engagement and information retention. We help transform their lessons, homework, summaries and responses into video that is effective at transferring knowledge,” said Ahmad Roowala, Squigl’s CEO.

“There is no one person, throughout the day, that spends more time with the next generation of artists, innovators, leaders and global citizens than our teachers. Day in and day out, they are charged with educating our future leaders and sharing the knowledge and building the life skills we all need to be successful as we journey into the future. We are committed to making it simple and easy for educators to transform their content and bring it into everyday learning,” continued Roowala.

To learn more, visit the Squigl website or email Ahmad Roowala at aroowala@squiglit.com.

About Squigl: Squigl, LLC offers a software as a service (SaaS) platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to allow anyone to transform their learning content into high-quality, animated video presentations in minutes. Squigl’s AI-powered software is built on the science of learning. Squigl applies an evidence-based approach to developing educational materials based on what neuroscience defines as the most effective rules for maximum audience attention and retention.

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