Advantages to being apart of the EF2.0 Community

Squigl has partnered with Frye Consulting Group, a human resources performance management firm, and is excited to announce an exclusive time-limited opportunity for you to access Engagement Finder 2.0!


What is Engagement Finder 2.0?
Engagement Finder 2.0 is a web-based assessment tool unlike any on the market that will allow you as an Executive and leader of your organization to determine your unique styles of: Communication, Leadership, Personality, and Decision Making

Why use Engagement Finder 2.0?
Statistical studies from Talent Management 360 say...CFOs spend at least 40% of their time on business performance management, but they estimate that 30% of their company's performance potential is lost due to ineffective performance management processes and behaviors.
Engagement Finder 2.0 allows you to be a more effective leader through the knowledge gained and understanding your unique styles in the four core engagement areas that will assist you in performing more efficiently, achieving your organization's objectives and the bottom line while using your time more proficiently.


How to get started with Engagement Finder 2.0?
This exclusive offer includes:
  •  Early Readership of Engagement Finder book with downloadable templates
  • Website Assessment of four unique styles
  •  App (Application) Download
  • Unlimited 24-hour technical and customer service support for the first 90 days

Go to the Engagement Finder 2.0 site to purchase early access - and become a part of our exclusive community! Move a step closer to being your best self today and every day!

Advantages in being a part of the EF2.0 Community

  • Access to Engagement Finder 2.0 performance and life balance strategies that fit your assessment results with consulting support through 24-hour call centers and App.
  • Private platform for discussions and repository of effective performance best practices.
  • Top Global HR & Academic conferences, events and social networking.
  • Specialized EF2.0 News and Events.
Upcoming Events - The book behind the creation of EF2.0 by Dr. Christina Frye, 'The Relationship of Work and Family Life Balance to Job Satisfaction for Government Executives' is available on Amazon and digitally on Apple and Kindle. We will be at the Reader's Magnet Book Fair in Miami, FL, November 2019.
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