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Squigl is at the forefront of educational courseware, corporate communications, training & HR. Equipped with unique strategies to engage your audience & boost retention, delivered faster through Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and beyond.

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Listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as one of 9 solutions for educators to create digital learning content

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You don’t need to be an expert to create a professional-looking animated video! Squigl’s powerful AI software pairs the right image with the relevant keywords from your text to create high quality videos in minutes.

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Ditch Static Slideshows

Ditch static slideshows! Let your audience engage with you by adding buttons, questions, drawings and more to your video. Track engagement and retention of your content by creating quizzes and assessments.

See Measurable Results

Automate, engage, and scale! Track engagement and retention of your learning content. Analyze behavioral and engagement data to determine the efficiency of your learning modules.

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Squigl Is Built on the Science of Learning

The Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning states that humans learn more deeply from words and pictures than text alone. By tapping into the auditory and visual channels of the human memory, videos can increase knowledge retention exponentially!

Squigl utilizes an evidence-based approach to improve the speed and retention of learning. Our advanced AI algorithm is built to choose the right animations for your script, and then automatically pace out the video’s timing for easy consumption.


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