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In three easy steps, you can use the Squigl cloud video maker to create professional-looking content. No experience required.

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Make your own short video to boost learning and retention.

Squigl utilizes an evidence-based approach to improve the speed and retention of learning.

Some people are visual learners, some learn best through listening, and some learn from experience. Stories that combine audio and visual experiences create a powerful presentation that’s perfect for any learner.

With Squigl’s advanced video maker, you can go beyond static PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and create engaging visual stories any type of learner will remember.

Increase retention by up to six times (600%) by synchronizing multi track audio and visual aspects of your presentation.

With Squigl’s cloud based video maker app, you can create video that enhances your text with moving imagery to hold your viewers’ attention.

Artificial intelligence (AI) software detects keywords from audio tracks or video files and offers supporting images to create a cohesive presentation.

Humans are wired to pay attention to movement. So why not use it in your videos?

Use Squigl’s video editor to add some animation to your presentations. Give viewers the perfect amount of movement to hold their attention while supporting the information.

Squigl’s intuitive interface makes it easy to animate glyphs and add unique movements to your video content to boost viewer learning.

Surprised brains crave more information. So keep your audience engaged with surprising explainer videos that capture their attention.

Use Squigl’s editing tools to trim and edit fun, surprising animations to keep your viewers engaged and wanting more. The more engaged your audience is, the more information they’ll retain.

Not sure how to surprise your audience? Use a video template to get started.

Glyphs are simple, recognizable, and easy to remember, making them a powerful presentation tool.

With Squigl’s cloud based video maker app, you can take familiar icons and transform them into animated glyphs.

Animated icons and glyphs are perfect for combining the power of imagery with the attention-grabbing abilities of movement.

Take Your Presentations to New Levels

Squigl is a new way to present ideas. Ditch static slideshows and text-heavy documents for a format designed to increase retention and learning.

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Take online video to new levels with advanced features and cloud storage.

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Boost student learning with engaging whiteboard video that’s easy on teachers too.

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Make business presentations and training easier with attention-grabbing videos.

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