Make Videos in office 365.

You can now create whiteboard animated videos right in Office 365 with a click of a button. Explore, all the ways you can use whiteboard animation at work or school, from informal memos to your team, presentations, reports, and explainer videos. You now have all the tools you need to get started with your Squigl subscription.

Get the most from Office 365 with Squigl

Text to video in minutes. Office documents are transformed into whiteboard animated videos in minutes.

Powerpoint presentations burst with animated videos to accent key points and summarize your content with or without you.

Include video links with your emails and give users the ability to read or watch your important messages to them.

and much more...

Make Videos in office 365.

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Why Squigl 365?

How Does it Work?

Squigl 365 reads your text and, using Microsoft Cognitive Services Engine, it conducts sentiment analysis on it. Then, our proprietary AI engine, it selects keywords from within the text and groups them based on sentence structure. It then selects the most appropriate animated images, or glyphs and it associates them with those words. If the sentiment analysis decides that certain keywords within the text are more impactful on the discovered sentiment, Squigl will color those the glyphs associated with those words differently for maximum impact. Next, Squigl combines those glyphs with an audio reading of your text to form an animated video. You can use the familiar Office Ribbon menu to add, remove, or replace any suggested glyphs and change their timing with an easy slider. You can also record or upload your own audio. No video experience is required to create video to enhance your content.

Video Benefits

Video is one of the best tools for communicating ideas and sharing information. But until now, it’s only been available for really big projects because of the cost to create and time to deliver. With Squigl 365 you can use video in your daily life to help your peers learn and understand what you want to share with them.

Science & Art

Squigl 365 video is based on principles of neuroscience and uses imagery to help viewers engage longer and retain more of the information you are sharing with them. It’s not just about great looking art and fun animations. Squigl utilizes state of the art technology like AI and Deep Learning to visualize your message so you can be certain that you speak directly to your audience’s brain. This is the next step in meaningful communication.