Squigl is built on the science of learning.

Squigl utilizes an evidence-based approach to improve the speed and retention of learning.

Storytelling increases engagement and recall of learning by six fold when compared to traditional instruction. Often, however, stories are difficult to communicate and share. Each squigl video begins with a story. That is, once a story is written, Squigl employs AI to turn the text into a compelling whiteboard video.

When an idea is presented both audibly and visually, it’s six times more likely to be remembered than audio alone, and two times more likely than images alone. Squigl supports every sentence of your message with new imagery to keep information retention high.

Human brains are wired to pay attention to movement. In fact, your brain can force your head to turn towards a moving object. Squigl utilizes animation to provide the right amount of motion without feeling out of place or contrived. The movement of glyphs enables presenters to keep viewer attention.

Curiosity, or the desire to learn, is enabled through surprise. That is, when a brain is surprised, it naturally wants more information and is willing to remain engaged to learn it. Each visual animation through Squigl is an opportunity to surprise viewers, keeping their brain engaged with the message.

Glyphs are simple images that represent thoughts and ideas, easy for the brain to recognize, understand, store and move on to the next idea.

Create a Squigl animated video in minutes

Squigl videos can be created in three easy steps.

Once you’ve written the text associated with the video you would like to produce, simply copy and paste the text into the Squigl platform. Squigl will utilize its proprietary AI engine to recommend specific words and phrases to animate as a part of the video.

You will have an option to (a) record your own voice through the Squigl platform, (b) utilize an automated voiceover through the Squigl platform, or (c) add a separate, pre-recorded voice file for your text. Additionally, you’ll be able to add a background soundtrack to your video as well.

Once you’ve confirmed the text, voiceover, and glyphs, you’ll be able to export your video and share it with the world! Squigl produces a video that can be shared to social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc), embedded on websites, and disseminated through email. Additionally, you can download the raw file for personal hosting as well.

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