Automated Whiteboard Animation Software

The power of neuroscience plus the advantages of video
in an intuitive DIY platform where anyone can create
professional video in a matter of minutes.

Anyone Can Create Videos

Traditional, manual video production is expensive and time consuming. Software alternatives are geared to the tech savvy or subject matter experts. Squigl is whiteboard animation software for anybody, giving organizations the flexibility to create videos quickly and cost effectively, no video production experience necessary.

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Built with Science and Art

Squigl is built on a foundation of neuroscience research and visual design. We call this method of animating messages “Scribology” and it has been proven in the whiteboard video market. Keeping viewer attention, boosting information retention, and increasing learning is what any message aims to do. Scribology is the only whiteboard animation software that leverages Scribology.
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Dr Mark Stansbury-O’DonnellSt. Thomas University
The student, rather than being a writer or presenter with paper or powerpoint, essentially became a director. the quality of the videos in general were higher on par than the normal sort of power point presentations and some were actually quite creative in terms of working with their script or finding interesting glyphs to mix with images from the ancient world they were using in it. So I think that kind of creativity was something you wouldn’t find so much in a power point presentation.
Mnar MuhaweshCEO, Founder & Editor in Chief at Mint Press News
Squigl is an essential tool in our success to reach a wide-ranging audience, quickly and effectively. MintPress News is an independent watchdog journalism organization that provides issue-based original reporting, in-depth investigations, and thoughtful analysis of the most pressing topics facing our nation. Our readers are diverse as many of them like to get to the heart of our articles in an easy and memorable fashion. Squigl allows us to create whiteboard animated videos quickly without the need to be video production experts.

Higher Education


  1. Students use Squigl to improve their presentations and better understand their understanding of the material
  2. Educators use Squigl whiteboard animation software to introduce key concepts, provide on-demand content, and succinctly present lesson summaries.
  3. Institutions use Squigl to communicate with the communities that support them and recruit new students to their campus.

Squigl is the perfect combination of high effectiveness and low cost for educational institutions.



  1. Content creators use Squigl to elevate their blog articles, press releases, webinars, and education content with whiteboard animation video.
  2. Managers use Squigl to turn their whole team into content creators when traditional video is cost prohibitive and other video tools require a specialized skill set.
  3. Audiences use Squigl whiteboard animation softare to become content creators on behalf of the brands and organizations that they love.


Training & Development

  1. Instructional Designers use Squigl whiteboard animation software to scale their output and elevate more content to video that wasn’t feasible before.
  2. Managers use Squigl to turn key members of their team into peer-teachers, creating training content for processes and best practices.
  3. Leadership teams use Squigl to cascade memos and company-wide announcements through fun and engaging whiteboard videos.



Employee Onboarding
Workplace Wellness


Retirement Planning
Investment Options
Promotional Messaging


Software Installation and Update Directions/Instructions
Business Continuity Plans
FAQ for Common Company IT Issues


Monthly Marketing Reports /Annual Strategy
Social Media Posts
Digital Advertising


Patient Instructions
Patient Exercise Illustrations
Disease/Illness Overview and Treatment Plan (Family, Patient, Nursing Staff)


Courseware, eLearning Material
Student Presentations
Lecture, Curriculum, ILT


Policy Presentations
Legislative Updates
Community Outreach


Product Overviews
Service and Job Expectations
Sales Strategies – Best Practices


Policy Coverage: Home, Boat, Car, Health, Life
Agent Training
New Policy Updates, Explanations


Company Introductions
Group Sales Meetings
Product/Service Bids

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